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STC Alumni Day

STC Alumni Day
4 Nov. 2011
Dear Shungtakians,
STC Alumni Day

      Days keep rolling by and you must have undressed your school uniform for quite a number of years but I trust the love you feel for Shung Tak still goes unspoken. It is for the reason above that I am writing to invite you to join the nostalgic pun-choi dinner on the evening of STC Alumni Day, Sunday, 4th December.

      When STC came to prominence in the late 60s and early 70s, its success did not predicate upon a certain facility or a fancy school building but a harmonious atmosphere created by a close relationship between the teaching staff and students. Many families in the vicinity even entrusted all their siblings to the school, making Shung Tak a home-like learning institution. It is this unique atmosphere that has given us our STC identity and engaged us in pursuit of academic excellence.

      To bring back those old familiar and unforgotten feelings of your teenage days, why don't you start your network connection with the folks you can reach and book tickets for the pun-choi dinner as soon as possible. Many of the retired principals and teachers will be there to share with you all some old anecdotes which are still doing the rounds today. Don't miss the opportunity to yap the night away and satisfy your penchant for pun-choi.

      I look forward to seeing you.

      Yours sincerely,


      Wong Tak Shun Nelson

      Chairman of STCAA

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